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Chetwynd Spencer Academy Invites MLC Derby To Deliver CPD

Outstanding Ofsted school Chetwynd Spencer Academy invites MLC Derby to delivery a range of Music & Audio Production courses and events to teachers and students.

Despite the pouring January rain, at Chetwynd Spencer Academy in Toton, a group of eager teachers gathered during an inset day to learn the ins and outs of Garageband, Apple’s popular music production software. The continued professional development (CPD) training was delivered by team members from the Music Learning Collective (MLC) Derby.

The teachers were excited to learn how to use Garageband to enhance their music curriculum and give their students the opportunity to explore and create music in a digital environment. The MLC Derby team began the training by providing an overview of the software, including its basic features and how to navigate the interface. The teachers were then given the chance to practise using Garageband by creating their own simple compositions.

As the training progressed, the teachers discovered the many possibilities that Garageband offers for music production, including the ability to create, edit, and record multiple tracks, and use a wide range of virtual instruments and effects. They were also introduced to more advanced features such as MIDI editing and automation.

Many of the teachers were particularly impressed by how quickly they could put together a complete song using the premade loops that are available in Garageband. They later agreed that GarageBand is a great tool for students who may not have a lot of experience composing music.

One of the main learning outcomes for the teachers was in gathering ideas of how to implement the use of ICT into the classroom music delivery. One idea being for their students to use Garageband to create a podcast based on another subject (History, for example). It would be very easy for students to create their own music backing tracks and then add in their own commentary or speach. This will be a great way for our students to express their creativity and share their love of music with others whilst incorporating learning outcomes for other academic subjects.

The training concluded with the MLC Derby team answering questions from the teachers and providing additional resources for those who wanted to continue learning more about Garageband and Music Production in general. The RSL Awards Music Production Syllabus was also introduced and teachers were all surprised to learn that the activities they had just completed were relevant to grades 1, 2 and 3 of this Ofqual certified qualification.

The teachers left the training feeling inspired and empowered to use Garageband to elevate music education at Chetwynd Spencer Academy. As an Ofsted Outstanding school, Chetwynd Spencer Academy is known for providing an excellent education to its students, and now, with the integration of Garageband into the music curriculum, they are taking it to the next level. MLC Derby is proud to have been able to support the school in this endeavour, and we look forward to seeing the creative and innovative ways that the teachers at Chetwynd Spencer Academy will use Garageband to inspire their students to pursue music.

In addition to training teachers on how to use Garageband, the MLC Derby will also be delivering full class sessions to the Year 4 & 5 students at Chetwynd Spencer Academy. This program, which will be implemented over the course of a full term, will give students the opportunity to learn about music production and composition using Garageband, just as their teachers did.

During the sessions, students will be introduced to the basics of using Garageband and will have the opportunity to practise creating their own compositions using the software’s virtual instruments and loops. They will also learn about different music production techniques, such as layering tracks and using effects to enhance their compositions.

The MLC Derby team will continue to work closely with the year 4 and 5 teachers to ensure that the sessions align with the school’s music curriculum and integrate well with other subjects. The program will be designed to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of the students, taking into account their prior experience and skill level with music production.

Chetwynd Spencer Academy is not just limiting the students to these short introductory course. The MLC Derby will be hosting a Music and Audio Production Club that will be open to all students who are interested in learning about music production and composition using Garageband. This group course, which will be delivered all year round in small groups, will give students the opportunity to explore their creativity and develop their music production skills in a more advanced and self-directed setting.

During the sessions, students will have the opportunity to work on individual and group projects, such as composing and producing their own music, creating podcasts, and even recording a jingle for their school or a local/family members business. They will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other students in the club and learn from each other.

The club will be led by experienced instructors from the MLC Derby team, who will provide guidance and support to the students as they develop their music production skills. The club will also offer opportunities for students to perform their work and receive feedback from their peers and instructors.

This is an amazing opportunity for students who are interested in music production and composition to take their skills to the next level and fully immerse themselves in the subject. The Music and Audio Production Club hosted by MLC Derby will be an invaluable resource for students at Chetwynd Spencer Academy to pursue their passion for music and develop important skills that will be useful in their future careers.

With the full support of the school administration and the dedication of the MLC Derby team, we are confident that this program will be a success and will provide a valuable learning experience for all students at Chetwynd Spencer Academy. The integration of Garageband and music production into the curriculum at Chetwynd Spencer Academy is an exciting development that will give students an opportunity to explore their creative potential and develop their music skills, and will help to continue the school’s outstanding reputation in providing excellent education to its students.

Chetwynd Spencer Academy’s head of music, Gemma Whiley said:

“After our morning discovering the many features of garage band, our whole staff not only had fun but felt like they now had the knowledge required to use this app with the children. A great start to our new year! The PPA sessions run by Nish on digital composition have been absolutely fantastic. The children are fully engaged and excited by the sessions and can’t wait for the next week. Our staff in the session felt fully equipped after our training, to support the children in their music learning. Thank you Nish and team for helping Chetwynd Spencer Academy take a big leap forward in our music provision.”

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