Art Is All Around Us

Art and creativity is all around us. It exists in music, sculpture, film, animation, graphic design, poetry, drama, books, dance, drawing, painting, photography, architecture, food, textiles, craft, engineering . . . the list goes on.

From the design of your favourite t-shirt to the shape and size of a drinks can – even to which toppings are on a pizza, a person or team of people will have taken part in a creative process that is designed to get our attention and inform us of something that they wish to share.

In this course, we are going to discover how music for film and games has an impact on the storytelling process. Whether credits; mood and atmosphere; character emotion or identification; pace and action; music in film and games is used for dramatic effect. It draws our attention to elements of the storytelling and in many cases the music becomes as iconic as the films and games themselves.

Can you imagine Jaws without these two notes; or the Man of Steel (Superman) without either of these motifs?

Learner activities

  • Print the blank log sheet and grab a pen
  • Make of list of your favourite television programmes, films and games
  • Now ask yourself this question placing a tick next to those you can and ‘yes’ to: how many of those on your list can you hum, sing or ‘la’ the theme music?