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Hey Google, help me with my MLC Arts Award

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I have no doubt that most—if not all—of us use Google every day.

Here are some tips for using this extremely powerful tool to help you with your MLC Arts Award.

Hey Google . . .

  1. Transform your photos in the style of an iconic artist and enhance your portfolio;
  2. Use Google assistant to help you research artists and practitioners locally, nationally and internationally. The results might enlighten and empower you!
  3. Share your art with others using YouTube;
  4. Use Google Maps to explore your local music scene. Find out about what is going on, attend and review an arts event;
  5. Ask Google assistant to find your local MLC and discover an exciting world of opportunity open to you!

There are of course other technology providers. I hope that this post makes you stop and think. Creativity and art is everywhere – especially within technology! Some of the world’s most dynamic companies are driven by extremely creative minds. Think about it.


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