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Make Every Day Count

We are living through trying times. So why not use it to our advantage and make every day count.

Community and excellence is at the heart of MLC. Helping our community of students, teachers and parents/carers where possible through these trying times comes naturally to us. MLC has already successfully delivered over several hundred hours of music education online in the last few months as well as an inspiring Arts Award Discover course and Teacher Training Diplomas.

Make Every day count

I love life and I love my job. I don’t really separate work from play and more often that not, there is not a clear distinction between my working day beginning and ending. It’s all fun and it’s all living. That doesn’t mean that I’m always working. Far from it. So how can we make every day count during these trying times?

  1. Start every day with exercise – a walk, cycling or a workout at home;
  2. Put first things first – just do it and do not procrastinate;
  3. Set goals, challenge yourself and learn something new;
  4. Have a break – disconnect from technology, reflect and recharge;
  5. Do some good – call your family and friends and support each other through this period in our lives

I have been amazed by what has been achieved over the last few months. My goal: to continue to make every day count which and must include number 4!

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