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Meet the Team: Ace of Bass, Jon Ford

In this new series of posts, we’re introducing you to the amazing people that make it all happen here at the MLC.

MLC Teacher, JonFirst up is one of our longest-serving teachers, Ace of Bass, Guitar and Ukelele, soon-to-be-published author and without a doubt, one of the nicest guys you’re likely to meet, it’s Jon!

Thanks for joining us, Jon. Can we start by telling our readers what your favourite styles of music are?

Anything powerful and dramatic…and with loud guitars in it! I’m also passionate about Motown for those great basslines!

Are there any specific artists or bands that you love the most?

I grew up listening to Britrock like Manics, Therapy? and Skunk Anansie so that. Of the current stuff, I really like Enter Shikari, Gently Tender and BC Camplight. Metallica was always my favourite band growing up and I now play in a tribute to them called Moretallica.

What first sparked your interest in music?

Seeing my brother get a guitar and wanting to do the same.

So how did you get to where you are now?

Lots of practice and just as importantly—getting out there and joining bands! You can be the best bedroom guitarist in the world but it means nothing if you don’t get out there and network and meet people.

Bass TeacherWhat was the first album or single that you bought?

Embarrassingly, it was a 2 Unlimited song…..on cassette tape!

Amazing! So who inspires you as a musician today/who do you listen to and why?

These days I appreciate the art of great songwriting and I like hearing good singers. Bands like Suede and Muse get better and better and put on great shows.

Can you list your top 3 favourite tracks or albums for our students to check out?

Dogman by King’s X for the excellent guitar parts, songwriting genius and harmonies. Sing To God by Cardiacs because they broke all the rules and Epicloud by Devin Townsend for the heavy!

And finally, what advice would you give to MLC students?

Do it because you’re passionate about it and don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Thanks, Jon! And we look forward to reading your new book!

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