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MLC Derby Launches …Online!

Here at MLC, we are not known for sitting back on our laurels – we strive, we innovate, we create!

We are continually looking for new and exciting ways to strengthen our offer to our students and communities, so that they receive the best possible music education the industry has to offer. That’s bold, we know. But we are proud of what we do and the way that we do it (there’s a song in there somewhere).

So, it is with a great sense of pride, respect and excitement (along with a little bit of astoundment!) that we announce the launch of MLC Derby! I caught up with our long-standing MLC Teacher and now Franchise Manager, Nishan Chady, to find out more.

Tell our community a bit about yourself, Nish.

Hi! – my name is Nish, and I am passionate about music and quality education. I have worked within and around the music industry my entire life, I studied modern drumset from a young age and continued my studies of Music and the Arts throughout college and university.

What made you want to open MLC Derby during these unusual times?

With most people in lockdown, now is the perfect opportunity for them to improve upon or learn new skills they might not normally have had time for. For example, I have two beautiful guitars that I rarely play due to time restraints, but I am now attempting to spend more time playing these instruments. I am also aware that we all need stimulating activities to get us through what can sometimes feel like long days (or weeks). With all this free time, many of us are looking for new and exciting activities. Enter, music education.

I hope that MLC Derby can be an outlet and a new experience for people to try and enjoy whilst these unusual times continue to unfold around us. I am also aware that there are many young people out there who would normally receive music lessons in schools, but who currently cannot. I am keen to allow young people the chance to continue their studies with us and continue to encourage their passion for music.

What are your hopes and aspirations for MLC Derby?

I hope that MLC Derby will become a well-known, highly respected, community-based organisation which encourages anyone and everyone to be actively involved in Music and the Arts. I hope that one day we can have BBQs and street parties together, along with live performances to showcase and share our students talents.

Why should people choose to study at MLC?

MLC is a centre of excellence. We take Music/Arts education very seriously, and are extremely proud of what we do. The services we provide are always of the highest quality, and we work with like minded individuals to ensure that our students achieve their goals in safe and fun learning environments. We are a group of music educators and practicing professionals who love to share our knowledge – so why not let us share it with you?

What’s on offer right now (and in the future) at MLC Derby?

MLC Derby are offering 1-2-1 music tuition in a range of disciplines using our extremely successful online lesson format. We also intend to launch a number of online short courses in the near future. Looking forwards, we are really excited to move into a physical home/venue once the lockdown is over, where we will be able to meet our students face-to-face and continue to help them with their musical journey.

Any advice for people thinking about taking up lessons?

Just try it! Have Fun! Music and the Arts are a creative journey, which allows the individual to express themselves. Our tutors will guide you through the process of learning your art so, trust their judgement, and follow their advice in order to #unleashyourpotential!

Find out more or register your interest below:

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