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MLC Guidelines for Rockschool Music Exams

MLC West Bridgford announce up-to-date guidelines aimed at keeping your Rockschool graded music exam as safe and as pleasant as possible.

MLC West Bridgford is the public graded music exam centre in Nottingham for Rockschool and has been for several years now. Both organisations have worked tirelessly during the uncertainty that surrounds the COVID 19 pandemic to ensure that your graded music exam is as safe and as pleasant as reasonably possible.

As MLC West Bridgford prepares to open its doors for the first time since lockdown began back in March, we thought that we should let you know what steps we have taken that will help you as you take your Rockschool graded music exam.

Deep cleaning

Members of our team will be deep cleaning the venue before any session and prior to opening the doors to the general public. This process is repeated periodically throughout the day. Furthermore, hand sanitisers are available throughout the building and in the exam room. Touch points – light switches, amplifier controls, snare drum throws, piano keys and microphones – are cleaned before every exam.

On the day of your exam

In an effort to ensure the safety of everyone in the building, MLC West Bridgford has released the following guidelines.

  • Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your exam is scheduled to begin;
  • We may ask you to wait outside to avoid congestion so please park as close to MLC West Bridgford as possible;
  • As previously stated, hand sanitiser are available at various points throughout the building;
  • Candidates and anyone accompanying them will be asked to leave the building immediately after the exam is completed;
  • There is no waiting area available inside MLC West Bridgford;
  • The kitchen is not in use whatsoever;
  • Please limit what you touch. We kindly ask you not to touch any of the stock on show with the Abbey Road Music showroom;
  • Parents/carers should wait outside the building when the exam is underway;
  • Remember to adhere to the 2 metre distance rule at all times;

These are indeed difficult times and we at MLC West Bridgford are taking steps to ensure that your Rockschool graded music exam is a pleasurable experience. If you require assistance on the day, please ask our exam steward who will be happy to assist you.

Remember, MLC West Bridgford is the public music exam centre for Rockschool and we do not hold any information whatsoever regarding the scheduling of your exam. Any questions that you have should be directed to your music teacher, music school or to Rockschool directly.

Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you good luck with your Rockschool graded music exam.

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