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MLC Loughborough Partners with Quorn Hall school

MLC Loughborough is proud to announce it has entered into an exciting partnership with Quorn Hall School.

Nestled in the countryside between Leicester and Loughborough, Quorn Hall is a specialist therapeutic school for children and young people with autism and social, emotional, and mental health needs. A member of the Cavendish Education Group, the school has an ethos of creating opportunities for pupils to be successful and develop a positive self-image with a focus on building relationships with each other whilst providing a rich and full educational experience.

We fully appreciate the benefits of music on mental health, and we are delighted to work with Quorn Hall to deliver MLC music lessons and courses. Our student-centered approach means that our team comprising of Chris, Amber, and I can deliver exactly what the students both need and want to learn.

—MLC Loughborough

MLC Loughborough is now delivering one-to-one and small group sessions for guitar, piano, and the drums. Students are also undertaking music production in small groups. The experience is an incredible success so far, and it is something we here at the MLC are very proud to be a part of.

The team at MLC Loughborough is working with the key stage four students, and there are plans to offer the provision to more students in the near future. For further information, please contact us directly at MLC Loughborough.

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