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MLC presents Lee Wrathe at Confetti Industry Week 2020

MLC is once again taking part in Industry Week at Confetti.

Friday 6 March, 12pm – 2pm, Metronome, Live Room 1

Industry Week 2020 is a student-facing event that aims to enlighten and enthuse audiences as speakers give talks demonstrating the diversity and possibilities within the creative industries. Guests from around the UK will be coming to give talks, perform demos and run workshops with students across all curriculum areas. MLC is delighted to present guitar virtuoso, Lee Wrathe.

Lee’s talk will offer insight into the diverse range of job opportunities available to up-and-coming, progressive musicians. Covering the industry-standard skills that are required to compete and excel in a competitive environment. Lee will also showcase the level of Musicianship required to become a brand ambassador/demonstrator with some performance material and will cover topics such as endorsements and the life of a YouTuber. Ending with a Q&A session where he will offer personal advice on attendees’ career paths.

About Lee Wrathe

Lee Wrathe - AwakeningLee is one of the world’s most in-demand guitar demonstrators for many brands. Demonstrating a diverse range of styles both to live audiences and to millions of viewers on YouTube, his videos for brands and dealers have generated over 50 million views. Lee can also be found giving live demonstrations at guitar trade shows across the UK, Europe, USA and China. In 2019, Lee wrote and recorded a new album – Awakening.

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