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MLC Welcomes Haaris Ashraf

As we approach an exciting new phase here at the MLC (more of which to follow!), we’re delighted to announce that Haaris Ashraf recently joined our team as a Business Administration Apprentice. We caught up with him to find out more.

Why don’t you introduce yourself to our community, Haaris—tell us a bit about your background and what your role entails at the MLC?

So my name’s Haaris Ashraf, born and raised in West Bridgford. I played the Violin from Primary school through to secondary school and achieved a Grade 4 in the instrument while also going to various orchestras where we would rehearse for a couple of weekends and then perform at the Albert Hall in Nottingham. I studied A-Levels and went to Sheffield Hallam University to study International Business alongside French but found that the Uni experience just wasn’t for me as I’m not the most academic type, hence why I am now on an apprenticeship. My role is Business Administration so I have a few various roles within the business. I’m the first point of contact for the business, either when someone rings up or they fill out our enquiry form. I will contact them back and try to bring in new faces and students to our ever-growing school. I also handle all emails going in and out of the office, deal with and organise the teachers’ calendars so general administration duties.

You’re currently studying at Nottingham College. Why don’t you tell our readers what course you’re doing, what made you choose the course, how you’re finding it, and whether you would recommend it to any of our current students?

I am studying for an apprenticeship, this also means that I am studying Business Administration at Nottingham College which is also very useful as I am constantly learning new things while working. I chose Business Administration as it’s the only thing I have really been good at but, most importantly, I enjoy it! I did GCSE Business, A-Level Business and then went on to study International Business at Uni. I felt I needed to get my foot in the door somewhere and start off with the basics so I can build a solid foundation to build on for the future.

The initial period of the course was a bit hectic as my teacher changed about 3 times. However, I am now on track with my work at college as my new teacher has implemented a new, very helpful structure. I have found the college experience very useful as the teachers are always willing to help but also willing to listen to our feedback and change things if need be. I would recommend this course to anyone that has a business-orientated mind and would like to have a foundation to build on for the future.

What would you say are the benefits of an apprenticeship whilst studying?

Apprenticeships are hugely beneficial to anyone who would like to start working but also challenge themselves and gain new knowledge and skills. Apprenticeships are amazing because I’m getting paid like any normal job but then like I say, I am constantly learning new things while working and will have a qualification at the end of it with a view to a full-time position at the company (fingers crossed). I also have extra support from the college if I ever need any, should any problems arise at work or if I just have any queries. Employers nowadays value experience far more than just grades on their own as it shows that you have actually been there and done that.

What advice would you give to any current MLC students who might be thinking about taking this route in the coming years?

My advice to any MLC students who are thinking of doing an apprenticeship is this—just do it! What’s the harm? If you find something that you are good at and that you enjoy then an apprenticeship is the perfect route as you start getting paid straight away and even if by the end of the course you find that you don’t enjoy it as much or don’t see yourself doing it in the future, then you still have a qualification at the end of it which is always going to look good on your CV and can also help you in getting another job in a different field.

So what’s next for you, Haaris? What are your plans for the medium to long term?

I don’t necessarily have any concrete plans as of yet but my main aim is to work my way up the MLC in some sort of form and help it grow into the world’s best music school! A long term aim would be to work in upper management and get paid a lot (who doesn’t!?). I also love psychology which in turn makes me highly interested in Marketing so that could be a potential pathway in the future. Also long term I would love to achieve Grade 8 in Piano as I am currently learning piano here at MLC Nottingham with one of our many amazing teachers, Amber.

And finally, what are your Top 3 Desert Island Discs (and why)?

This is a tough one. Firstly I’d have to say Muse – The Resistance. It’s the first album I ever properly got into and even learnt the drums on GarageBand for a couple of songs. The nostalgia hits when I listen to that album. Secondly, Ocean Wisdom – Wizville. He’s a rapper from Brighton and has some amazing songs in this album such as a tune with Method Man! His lyricism and flow is crazy and can rap at inhuman speeds. I need a bit of variety when listening to music. Lastly, I’ll have to pick Ludovico Einaudi – Islands: Essential Einaudi. This album is a compilation of his best songs and I love all of them. He’s one of my favourite composers and I’m even trying to learn his song Nuvole Bianche. Again it’s nice to have variety when listening to music otherwise it gets boring.

Thanks, Haaris! Welcome to the team and we look forward to watching how your career progresses.

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