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MLC Work Experience: Alice Lattimore

For those that show an interest in the Arts, work experience can be a great opportunity to help people decide if it’s really for them.

We were recently approached by Alice Lattimore, a college student who, despite the recent restrictions surrounding lockdown, had the self-motivation and initiative to get in touch to see if we had any places that would work remotely. How could we refuse?

After initial discussions to see where her interests lie and what she was hoping to achieve in the near future, we agreed on a brief that would develop her skills in product and lifestyle photography. We caught up with Alice at the end of her work experience to see how she got on.

Why don’t you tell our readers a bit about yourself, Alice?

I’m Alice and I am currently a student at Bilborough College, studying A-Level subjects: English Language, Biology and Photography, which I am really enjoying, and sad to see my first year coming to an end. In the future, I am hoping to study photography at Uni. I am especially interested in London Unis, such as the University of East London or Kingston University, however, I am still very early in the process of exploring my options.

Alice during her work experience with MLC.

So how long have you been interested in photography?

I’ve been interested in photography since I was around 11 or 12 but always disregarded the fact that it could be a career, since my secondary school was not supportive of the creative industries, and therefore left me feeling that being a photographer was not a ‘proper job’, unlike a teacher or engineer. More recently, I have further explored photography as a part of my A-Level and it is now the career that I am working towards.

Tell us about the brief that we set you—how did you find it?

The opportunity to do this work experience felt like a huge privilege. I was provided with two Marshall Bluetooth speakers and a pair of Marshall headphones, to be the subjects of my images, as well as various pieces of photography equipment, such as a pop-up studio and some different backdrops. The original task that I was set was to create lifestyle and studio images for MLC’s social media, edited in Adobe Photoshop, a promotional video edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and this blog post, for the MLC website. Throughout the week, I had a few video calls, where I spoke to MLC about how I was getting on, my workload, etc. They were very approachable to ask questions, help with how to use the software and adjust my workload when necessary, allowing me to focus more on the photography than the videography.

A lifestyle photograph taken by Alice.

What usually inspires your work?

My main inspiration for photography is social media, specifically Instagram and Pinterest, as well as the people around me, both other photographers my age, from college, and the subjects of my street portrait photography shoots, as this is my main genre of photography.

In a sentence, how would you sum up your work experience with us (and be honest!)?

This work experience taught me how to interpret a brief, communicate with clients and also the basics of product photography, as this is a type of photography I have never tried before.

Thanks, Alice!

To find out more, follow us on our new Instagram and Facebook pages to see some of Alice’s work that will be featured soon.

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