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MLC’s Summer Stream 2020

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Summer Stream 2020

Date: 02/08/2020
Location: MLC’s Facebook Community Group

We will soon be running our Summer Stream Digital concert, yet another incredible display of talent across MLC Derby, Leicester, Loughborough and Nottingham.

Thank you all for your fantastic video submissions, we have been overwhelmed with the amount of people that wish to be involved and we are just putting final touches on all of the content submitted.

In order to make sure that the sharing of this content is done so in a safe, controlled and supportive environment, we will be running Summer Stream 2020 via a private MLC Community group on Facebook.

To access this group please click HERE and let us know who you are/or who you are there to see. You can invite other family members and friends to the group as well.

We will publish the schedule and final dates and times on the group over the next week.

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