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Play in a band at MLC Marseille

If you play an instrument, then it is very likely that you would just love to get out there and play in a band. And of course, what could be more exciting than being in a band, rehearsing your favourite songs together, and then playing live?

If you’ve already done all this, then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, then read on, because here is your chance…!

Here at MLC Marseille, during every school holiday period throughout the year 2022, we will be holding our renowned 4 day Music Camps.

What is a Music Camp?

It is a chance for you to get in a band, set up a repertoire of your favourite songs, rehearse, and then play live in front of an audience!

You will love it! How do we know that? We know that, because we have literally years of experience and student feedback, after holding over 30 Music Camps since we first launched them in 2014. And in every single one of those Music Camps, we have seen upcoming musicians develop their experience, their technique, their determination and above all their confidence on their chosen instrument. Again and again, we have witnessed musicians of all levels get up on stage, breakthrough barriers, unleash their potential and gain the confidence and satisfaction that comes with it.

The question is, are you ready to unleash your potential?

MLC Marseille Music Camp 2022 dates:

  • Winter Camp 2022: 7th – 10th February
  • Spring Camp 2022: 11th – 14th April
  • Summer Camp 2022: 4th – 7th July
  • Summer Camp 2022: 12th – 15th July
  • Autumn Camp 2022: 24th – 27th October

Subject to local covid-19 restrictions

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