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RSL Diplomas

Are you an independent musician looking to up-skill, but don’t want to incur university fees? RSL Diplomas are designed to support creative professionals

Whether you’re an aspiring teacher, musician or performing artist, both RSL and the MLC recognise your ambition to succeed.

You are driven by a purpose: living to create, perform or teach. Our suite of courses that culminate in the RSL Professional Diplomas are designed to help you achieve your ambitions!

RSL Professional Diplomas equip Creative Industries Professionals with recognition for their practice, whether that’s performance, teaching or creative enterprise. Two levels of award support these qualifications which sit alongside undergraduate degree level of study bench-marked against the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in the United Kingdom.

Unparalleled support when you study with the MLC

Studying towards a university-level diploma is fun, rewarding and demanding. Your MLC mentor is an industry professional who has been trained to both help guide you through our course and to ensure that your journey with us is a happy and rewarding one.

Key Facts

  • This course is designed to take one academic year.
  • You are not alone! This course is fully supported by our team of trained mentors.
  • Study online or at one our academies.
  • You will receive expert guidance throughout your time with us – including formative feedback before you submit your work for summative feedback.

Customised Specialist Pathways

Each pathway includes an optional unit, giving you the ability to customise your specialist pathway in;

  • Teaching
  • Performing
  • Creative Enterprise

Career Progression

Focus on establishing yourself as a Creative Professional whilst evidencing your skills through employed work, practical training or alongside other academic study. Diplomas can be studied in preparation for, alongside or instead of an undergraduate degree course. They could also be used to enhance your skill-set in your time following graduation.

Furthermore successful MLC graduates of RSL Diplomas have an opportunity to become teachers at the MLC through our fast-track MLC graduate scheme.

86% cheaper than university, with the same high academic standards

At university, you can expect to pay around £42,000 for a typical degree. The average cost of our courses here at MLC is £6,000, without compromising on quality of learning or high academic standards.

The Music Teaching Diploma allows you to:

  • Work collaboratively and effectively at a professional level, undertaking self evaluation methods throughout
  • Learn how to present concepts originally and support student’s creativity
  • Develop knowledge of music and a variety of different styles
  • Understand the material in relation to graded music examinations
  • Gain a practical awareness of how to engage effectively with a wide range of music students by being sensitive to their needs
  • Demonstrate a secure and confident command of music theory and practice
  • Plan goals that are evidence based, with the ability to critically reflect on practice

Stand out from the crowd

The creative industries is an increasingly competitive and regulated space. After successfully completing the your Level 4 Diploma course, you could:

  • Have a qualification recognised in over 40 countries
  • Progress onto a level 6 course with us
  • Have the opportunity to work with MLC as a teacher

“A professional diploma illustrates that you have the ability and commitment to finishing something that you have started, together with having developed an understanding of business, health and safety, best practice, current legislation, planning and delivery whilst focusing on what it is that drives you!” – Paul Hose, Course co-creator

Experts in music teaching

Our course tutors have decades of experience in the music industry and are well placed to support you with your professional goals. We have an international presence, delivering courses to students in the UK, France, Italy, Brazil, New Zealand, Dubai and Russia. Learn more about the MLC Team.

Getting to know each other

You will be invited to attend a walk-through of our learner management system (LMS) together with one of our mentors. This session is free and requires no commitment whatsoever. The session is also a great opportunity for us to become familiar with each other. Getting to know you, your needs and aspirations are important as it will help us both understand if you have the time required in order to undertake this course at the MLC. Once enrolled, you will be invited to attend an orientation session at which your journey with the MLC will truly begin!

Amber Durant

Diploma Mentor

Rob Hirons

Diploma Mentor

Simon Brown

Director of Education

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