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We are open, online and turning things up!

There is a word that has been used a lot recently. By the government, the media, between one another, to our loved ones and to our students.

That is: ‘unprecedented’. The changes that we have all experienced in society over the last few weeks have been monumental, to say the least, and I’m sure we are all still trying to get our heads around the current (and future) implications.

Here at MLC, I believe that as a team we responded swiftly and boldly in a bid to ensure continuity for our learners’ music education. The tech has held up, lessons transferred—quite literally—overnight from our usual face-to-face method to an online delivery and our teachers, students and the wider community have embraced it. I would go as far as to say that music education will never be the same again.

MLC Teachers

Throughout this crisis, our team of MLC Teachers have been nothing short of outstanding. They have faced the same worries and concerns as everyone else in society but, like many teachers throughout the world, they have stepped up and managed to put their students’ interests first. Not only have they adapted and used their creative skills in order to continue teaching our students, but they are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to further develop their learners’ experience – and for that, we sincerely thank them.

MLC Students, their Parents and our Community

Whilst many of our younger students are used to adapting to new technologies, what has also inspired us is the way they have turned towards their instrumental/vocal lessons as a form of release, or as a means to express themselves in these uncertain times. We are increasingly hearing from our teachers, the students themselves and their parents/carers that it’s quickly becoming the highlight of their day (or even their week). That is both humbling and reassuring.

At a time when all our normal routines have had to change we were really pleased that Ellis has been able to continue with guitar lessons at MLC Academy. Yes the format is different with an on-line lesson but Dan was still able to watch and listen offering advice and technical help as per usual. It was also nice to be able to sit in and listen to what was being said. It is easy to set up with a laptop or iPad and we will definitely continue this way whilst it is necessary.
Thank you for offering this.

But the show doesn’t simply go on – we’re turning it up!

In an attempt to further help and support our community, we launched our first online Arts Award Discover course—for free—this week. And from what we have seen so far, the response has been fantastic. Kids are attending online sessions with our Arts Award Advisors where they are being challenged to think about the wider arts as they work towards a recognised qualification. See here for further details as we intend to re-run this popular course together with Arts Award Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

We are also developing other ways to reach out to you so that we all stay connected, inspired and continue to develop our community. So, watch this space for further announcements in the coming days and weeks.

Finally, I and the rest of the team at MLC would like to thank each and every one of you for not just sticking with us, but for your words of support and encouragement in what we strive to do in these ‘unprecedented’ times. Your loyalty and belief in us to help develop you or your child’s education means the world to us.

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