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Welcome to the MLC Method

By enrolling at the MLC, you’ll discover how our unique and industry-leading education Method will help you to unleash your potential.

Whether you’re learning for fun or accreditation, the MLC Method not only gets you playing straight away, following a structured pathway of progressive mastery, but it provides professional performance opportunities, and support from our revolutionary digital learning platform, all whilst mastering some of the most iconic tracks from the world of contemporary music.


The MLC Method offers far more than a traditional music lesson with an independent teacher. In addition to having regular one-to-one lessons with our qualified, DBS-checked and regulated teachers, our revolutionary digital learning platform provides a powerful set of features, including:



  • Notation synced with real video recordings. Tone, feel, technique — there’s so much that notation can’t communicate. Our Method combines the best of both worlds.
  • Intuitive practice tools. Click a note to go to that moment of the video. Drag across notes to make a loop. Slow down, transpose, solo parts and much more.
  • Works on any device with a web browser. No need to install anything.

What’s more, you’ll never need to buy another music book again! You’ll gain access to the entire range of RSL books from Premiere and Debut through to Level/Grade 8.


One-to-one lessons 100%


One-to-one lessons 100%
Revolutionary digital learning platform 100%
Regular performance opportunities 100%
Band rehearsals 100%
Industry-relevant lecture and seminar content 100%
Showcase your talent via our online campus 100%
Structured pathway 100%
Option to gain accreditation 100%

If music is your passion, you deserve to be heard

Whether you’re starting out or sharpening up, having the opportunity to perform live is one of the most valuable experiences for any musician—ask any that you know, and they’ll confirm that just one gig can help you improve more than hundreds of hours practising on your own.

That’s why we encourage our students to participate in our regular performance opportunities, either locally or in our state-of-the-art facilities in Nottingham. By joining the Music Learning Collective, you’ll quickly discover that all tastes, genres, styles, ages and abilities are welcome!

Check out our Social channels to see some of our incredible students performing live on stage.

MLC Vocals

The MLC Method takes the idea of a learning platform further and provides an online campus, offering lessons, seminars, courses and support no matter what level you’re at.

The MLC online music campus provides:

  • Courses, such as podcasting and higher education diplomas to help you forge a career path in the music industry
  • The Lecture Theatre, provides real-life insights that unveil how the music industry really works.
  • Our Seminar Room is specifically targeted to help you pick up new skills and drill down into the techniques behind your playing and sound.
  • Submit your own content to be showcased in the Arena or Bar; a place to watch performances and recordings from our students and teachers through to industry professionals.
  • The Listening Booth, features especially curated and compiled podcasts covering production techniques, songwriting tips, music business insights and much more.
  • Our Library, with a host of books, texts and websites focused on providing you with the knowledge to back up your playing.
  • The Exhibition Hall, where you can get recommendations and insights into new products from leading industry manufacturers.

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However you like to learn, you can learn your way, with support from tutors and our online community.

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