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MLC School Partnership Fund

The Music Learning Collective (MLC) is an inclusive, community-based group of music schools that operates primarily in an out-of-school setting.

In 2021, MLC launched its School’s Partnership Programme – a dynamic package of solutions aimed at providing the highest levels of peripatetic teaching whilst removing many of the time-consuming challenges that are associated with engaging a workforce of individuals.

Financial Rewards

What is of further benefit to the schools that we work with is that a percentage of the tuition fees are paid into an MLC School Fund, which can be used for equipment or maintenance of existing instruments. Furthermore, through our partnership with leading music retailers, such as Fair Deal Music, we can ensure preferential pricing to get the most out of the money. For example, through lessons delivered during just a single summer term, Arnold Hill Academy in Nottingham accrued £400 via the MLC School Fund. The money was used to purchase eight midi keyboards for their music department.

Chris Miles. Head of Music at Arnold Hill Academy in Nottingham. MLC Schools Partnership Fund.

This MLC School Fund can be used for:

  • New instruments and accessories
  • Maintenance such as re-stringing guitars and fixing amplifiers
  • Provision of IT equipment (such as a laptop) to assist with the lesson delivery
  • Providing extracurricular activities such as band rehearsals or attending arts events as members of the audience

Please contact us to find out more about the benefits on offer from our Schools Partnership Fund and the pathways on offer at the MLC.

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